I participated in the Spring 2023 Textile and Fashion Design showcase event Pieced Together: Perspectives in Textile and Fashion Design.

Wall Text: This selection of my woven and textile work demonstrates my love of geometric patterning, color relationships, and inspiration from water, sunrise colors, curves and lines, and rowing. I spend countless hours with my hands holding an oar, rowing on Lake Mendota in a quest for rhythmic flow within the set repetitive structure of one stroke after another. This mirrors what I love about weaving, my hands holding a shuttle to build up cloth line by line and create beauty in a sum greater than its parts. This installation is intended to open a window of connection between two aspects of my identity, both of which I use to accomplish a sense of beauty and rhythm, deep appreciation of the process, and a sense of structured flow. 

Works included in the show:

Structural Fluidity, 2023 – Cotton hand woven on TC2, 36” x 28”

Water Towel, 2021 – Cotton weft on hand dyed warp, 16” x 26”

Geometric Dobby Loom Sample, 2022 – Astra cotton, 15” x 30” 

Hand Stitched Shibori 6-Division, 2020 – Cotton muslin and indigo dye, 16” x 23”

Summer in the Single, 2023 – Cotton portrait hand woven on TC2,  8.5” x 5.5”

178 Route 44, Brownsville, VT 05037