Undergraduate Senior Thesis

My undergraduate thesis explores the hand production of woven cloth intentionally designed for a custom purpose. This ranges from a collection of dresses constructed with fabric woven on the TC2 digital loom with placed brocaded motifs to match the patterning of the garment, a series of dish towels woven on a dobby handloom, and the digital design of pillows constructed of industrially woven upholstery fabric. 

Spanning the range of apparel to home interiors, my work utilizes geometric patterning and color relationships to both highlight the possibilities of pattern creation on hand looms, and create functional, aesthetically pleasing objects. I am continually fascinated by the use of geometric form as circular and non repetitive motifs break away from the traditional lines and grids of weaving. In a fundamental structure that is based on the intersection of linear threads with the binary options of under or over, I enjoy creating motifs that challenge this. I then use color and material to emphasize this imagery, often returning to the colors found in a sunrise reflected on moving water. 

As my collection evolves, the process of making remains my drive behind the work. I greatly enjoy the rhythm and repetition found in weaving as I work to execute a highly detailed, well designed final work. Each project holds meaning in its intended purpose and the care and design that I put into the process of its creation.

Screenshot 2024-04-03 at 7.18.32 PM
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I began my design process with the end product in mind. I wanted a functional, aesthetically pleasing, lightly geometric, white and red dress to wear to my graduation. I wanted to explore patterning the dress to incorporate asymmetrical, intentionally placed motifs into the fabric during its creation, opposed to applying a surface decoration. This was possible by laying out the design in photoshop before making a weave file for the fabric to be hand woven on the TC2 jacquard loom.

Once I had the fabric, I was able to cut and sew my dresses from the cloth based on where I had planned and woven in the design. For a quick look at the evolution of my process, I created a video as a reel on instagram displaying the design and construction process of the graduation dress from concept to completion, please feel free to check it out!

I was also able to wear both dresses to many events including for Student Athlete awards night and Graduation photos!

As a culmination of my work, I had the opportunity to participate in the show “Made in SoHE”, an exhibition featuring the Textile and Fashion Design work of upper level TFD students. For me, this exhibition focused on the display of my hand sewn and patterned dress alongside the hand woven yardage used to produce it displayed in another colorway. Attracting attention with the aesthetics of the garment allowed me to then focus the narrative on the design and execution of the cloth used to construct the dress. This plays into my narrative around intentionally designed textiles and opens conversations around sustainability constructed small batch custom apparel.

The show was up April 24th, 2024 through May 12th, 2024 in the Ruth Davis Design Gallery in the School of Human Ecology at 1300 Linden Drive (Nancy Nicholas Hall), Madison WI.

You can also view my full resume linked here.


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